Gotz Artiste Peintre

Gotz Artiste Peintre

Polynesian Tatoo


In 1991, I discovered French Polynesia, and unexpectedly met a unique and original art: The 'TATAU' or Polynesian Tattoo.



The fascination that I feel towards this art of skin marking, between painting, engraving and body expression, has led me to paint and write various work piece on this theme. I discovered behind the 'TATAU' (tattoo), beyond the beauty or the symbolization of the motif, that each tattoo has a story and a reason to be.  




It reveals a great human adventure. This art of Tattoo, who's present all around the world, has brought to Polynesia a new dimension, an incredible force. 



If you wish to visit the gallery of my work inspired by the Polynesian Tattoo, click here: Galerie Gotz Tatau




Parutions  Editions


The Tattooart


A little format, a quality edition on the Tattoo or Contemporaneous Polynesian Tattoo, in French and in English that I have been able to create with the help of other passionate of the theme, edition by "au vents des isles". We wanted this publication just like a throat dried for water: old stories, anecdotes, interviews and close-up images of tattoos in duotone.

In each number, Chime, a very talented Tattooist, introduces pages of different motifs to inspire you in your own creations.

Tatuart 1      Tatuart 2      Tatuart 3





Tatouage polynésien d'hier à aujourd'hui


A very beautiful book in French about the Polynesian Tattoo, format 32 26 cm - 180 pages, more than 300 documents in color.





Ok, a little present for the passionates, here are some original documents that are uneasy to find. And you are a able to print them!


Man of Hiva Oa 1897 of Karl Von den Steinen


Man of Hiva Oa 1897 of Karl Von den Steinen


     Young Warrior  Nuku Hiva  G.H Von Langsdorff 1813

Marquisan motfs, published in 1813 from G.H. Von Langsdorff.


Allen Tricia, very good friend of mine, and specialist of the Polynesian Tattoo and Hawaiian:

Tricia Allen has harnessed centuries of knowledge regarding Hawaiian tattoo and has created this fascinating, comprehensive reference book that can be enjoyed by both tattoo enthusiasts and cultural scholars. Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii describes the evolution of Hawaiian tattooing as an art and science tracing it from its early roots in ancient Polynesia.

Allen's work presents motif, meaning, and placement, as well as tools and techniques on the ancient art, and includes a number of previously unpublished original illustrations. The contemporary art is chronicled by personal observations and commentary from prominent members of the Hawaiian community including Keali'i Reichel, Charles Ka'upu, and Hokulani Holt-Padilla.




So here, The link to her site: 

  A real pile of gold for the passionates, heaps of interesting documents and other links.

Une fenêtre ouverte sur le tatouage dans le grand Pacifique





A French book, this one is made in Tahiti, and entirely handmade! Beautiful and rare object for passionates and collectors:


 Very well documented and with a lot of illustrations, 70 pages on recycled paper but also on fabric, transparent...


 To have more information on: Pacific Evenements






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